Tuesday, February 5, 2013

8 Months Away!

Do you ever get those days (weeks? months?) where you just feel in a rut? 

That's me this week.

I can't quite pinpoint it, but I just have a thousand thoughts stirring around in my brain... work, wedding plans, friends/family, the gym and my diet... AHH! 

I posted this as my status on Thursday

I got a lot of feedback! The weather, vitamin deficiencies, and someone even thought I was pregnant!  Nooooo.. I'm not pregnant.  That comment just happened to come from a friend who IS pregnant and I am SO excited for her!  But for me, no thanks ;) I'll wait a few more years!

Needless to say, it has not gotten better.  And I think it's getting the best of me.  My mental attitude and self esteem have gone down the drain and it's definitely taking a toll.  I'm ready for some sunshine and a nice, long run outside without feeling like I'm going to die of hypothermia!

This last week, Terry and I joined a gym together.  I put in my notice at Highland and decided to take the jump with Terry to Gold's Gym.  With Terry being a swimmer, we definitely needed to go somewhere with a pool and that left two choices: Gold's or the YMCA.  I'll take Gold's!

Workouts have been going great with Tina's Best Body Boot Camp.  I am in Phase 3 out of 4 right now and sad to see that it's going by so fast!  Today called for a cardio interval workout where I jumped on the treadmill and ran at 9.0 (and an incline of 1.0) for a minute then recovered at 5.0 for a minute.  I repeated that for about 10 minutes until I felt like I was going to die I finished with some steady state jogging to complete 3 miles. 

Terry was on the treadmill next to me and walked a mile, ran a mile, then walked half a mile! So proud :) "Those who workout together, stay together!"

8 months from TODAY is our big day!  I can't wait to become a Mrs. :) EEEEeeeee!!!!

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