Sunday, January 27, 2013

Rough Week

Week 3 of Tina's Best Body Boot Camp is complete!

For the first time in too long, I was terribly sore all week.  I was definitely feeling it going up and down stairs and especially getting out of bed each morning! 

However, despite how excited I was to be sore, I was very disappointed this week.  For some reason, I have hit a (what I believed all week) plateau in my weight loss.  I noticed that I have not lost a pound in a few weeks.  It was eating me alive all week... I reviewed my eating habits, pushed myself harder than normal at the gym, and even tried some new-to-me cardio.  But the scale wouldn't budge!

This definitely made the week tough.  Without seeing progress (on the scale or in inches), I was tempted each day to skip the gym and order myself a big pizza.

Surprisingly, I stuck with my workouts and made it to the gym every day.  On Friday, I finally made it to the gym after hours of trying to find the motivation to get off the couch (I had the day off) all because of a few texts from my maid-of-honor: "You want motivation? Think of fat rolls bulging out of the back of your wedding dress. Stop being lazy and get your butt to the gym!"... to which I sent her this picture of Parker and myself lounging together...

And all she had to say was one thing... "Huh, last I checked that little guy didn't get down on one knee and give you a ring... get your butt up and go look good for your fiance!"  I think she may be too good at her job as MOH ;)

After the gym, Amy (an amazing bridemaid of mine) came over to hang out and discuss wedding invitations and other wedding plans.  I am excited to be a part of her wedding in June!  It's nice to have a fellow bride during the planning process.  It's also nice to have her around since she is a health and fitness genius.  I told her about my rough week and my inability to lose a pound.  After lots of questions and answers, I gave her MyFitnessPal and through that, she was able to see how much calories, fat, carbs, and protein I was consuming each day.  Little did I know, I am currently only eating half the amount of protein I should be eating compared to how many carbs I'm eating.

When I think of carbs, I think of breads and pastas - something I have been staying far away from.  However, I have lacked at reading labels and noticed that the greek yogurt I have been eating (sometimes twice or more a day), has almost 20g of carbs.  A banana has over 30g of carbs... WHAAAA?!  I eat bananas all.the.time.

While I'm definitely not giving these things up, because I absolutely love them and yes, a yogurt or a banana is a much healthier snack choice than many other choices I would have made back in college.  But, this new information will make a difference in my diet from here on out.  If it works, THANK YOU AMY.  If not, I'll try something different :) I'm not giving up!

250 days until our wedding!  Woo hoooo!

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