Sunday, January 20, 2013

My First Bridal Fair

Is it just me.. or do weekends go by waaaay too fast? :(

When I left work on Friday, I had about an hour of sunlight left and couldn't believe it was almost 40 degrees!  40 degrees seemed like a perfect opportunity for a 40 minute run.  I texted my friend Abby to meet me and we ran almost 3 miles in 40 minutes around downtown.  It was perfect running weather.

I'm glad I took advantage of the weather when I did because it doesn't look like I will be spending too much time outside with this weather...

Brrr!  The expected wind chill for tomorrow is around -30!  Insane!

Saturday morning/early afternoon was about the same weather as Friday and I was hoping to get another run in, but my Saturday errands didn't finish in time.  I went to the gym to get my lifting for boot camp done, met up with Terry for grocery shopping, exchanged some things at Kohl's, and then we were off to the mall to look at a couple of things.  When we were walking out of the mall, I was optimistic about running when I saw the sky

Doesn't look too bad, right?  Wrong!  This was right when the cold front was coming in and winds were up to almost 50mph!  I was getting blown away trying to take this picture.  Therefore, no run :(

Today was not only my rest day but also pretty cold and jam packed with plans.  The day started out with some tasty banana protein pancakes and coffee, then it was off to church with Terry's parents.

Right after church, Terry went home with his dad and I went with Terry's mom to my first bridal fair!  It was held at the Ramada Civic Center.  Little did I know, the fair was being ran by an old friend that I had skied with on Ski Sprites many years ago!  There were a couple of other Sprites there and it was great seeing them!

Right when I walked in, I was given a sticker that I got to rock the entire afternoon

There were many vendors there ranging from bakeries, DJs, floral companies, photographers, hotels, and even some unique ones like jewelry and horse-drawn carriages!  We slowly walked through both levels of vendors while enjoying the many samples of cake, cupcakes, champagne, and even a pumpkin spice eclair!  YUM!

While I'm feeling good about how much we DO have planned, the fair made me aware of all of the things we DON'T have planned and definitely put me in wedding-planning mode.  When I got home I booked our limo bus for the wedding day, finalized our wedding party and thought about "honorary duties", and e-mailed/researched some DJs!

I am now crashing from the sugar rush I had earlier and hoping for an early bedtime.  Even though it's Martin Luther King Jr. Day tomorrow, Terry and I both get to work our normal hours.  Boo.  If you have the day off tomorrow, enjoy it!  I'm jealous ;)

Tomorrow starts Phase 2 of Tina's Best Body Boot Camp!  Can't wait!  Phase 1 was great and I'm already seeing changes in my body and fitness ability...  And its only been two weeks!

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