Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I feel as though this is the first time that I have sat down since last week!  After the fun-filled weekend up at the lake, we jumped right into the week.  Woke up early Monday morning and enjoyed the cool morning 60 degree air for a run :)  Trying to become more of a morning person.  While I absolutely hate waking up early and am not a morning person, it's amazing how accomplished you can feel by only 7:00am.  Also, it's great to get that cardio session out of the way right away in the morning, therefore any workout you get to squeeze in later is a bonus!  On Monday evening, I decided to give Body Pump a try at the gym.
I loved it!  I have definitely fallen in love with weight lifting this past year and enjoy doing my own thing but having someone lead me through a full-body, high-repetition weight workout was great.  I also have been finding it very difficult to stick to a regular schedule with weights during the summer, so I think committing to one or two Body Pump classes a week is a lot better than beating myself up for not getting to the gym at all in a week.

When we returned home from up north, I noticed a decent sized bruise forming on my arm.
I can only assume it's from skiing this weekend.  No matter what, while growing up, I always managed to come home with numerous bruises all over my body from skiing - even if I had no recollection of how or why they came about.  I just find it humorous that I went skiing ONCE... did not fall... and still have a decent bruise.  Yet, I bet that if I would have taken a digger and hit my arm on my ski, there wouldn't be a bruise.  Life of a water-skier...

A mini-goal of mine this week is to try some new recipes that I have found through some amazing blogs (see my favorite blog tab and check them out).  Some recipes on my wish list...

Crock pot shredded chicken (already did this.. turned out AMAZING!)
Slow cooker tacos
High protein banana soft serve
Mini ham and cheese quinoa cups
Banana bread protein pancakes
BBQ meatloaf
Flourless PB cookies

I probably won't get the chance to make ALL of these this week... but these recipes have caught my eye as "I GOTTA TRY THAT"! :)

Hope everyone is having a great week and staying cool.

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