Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy 2012!  What are your New Years Resolutions?  I am curious to hear what you all have planned for the upcoming year!  While bored at work the other day, I wrote down several things I would like to work toward in 2012:

#1 (and probably most important): To love more... and worry much much less.  I have come to realize that I have major anxiety issues.  I tend to LOVE being busy.  I think the major reason I enjoy being busy is because it doesn't allow me much time to over think the small stuff.  Now that I am not busy with school, I have had a lot of down time to let what may seem like small and irrelevant things become dramatic things that make me feel horribly anxious at all times of the day.  I need to spend my spare time loving those that have been there for me through thick and thin and less time worrying about what could happen, rather than what is actually happening.

#2: Read at least one book a month.  For Christmas, I got a huge surprise by getting a Kindle Fire!  I absolutely love it and cannot wait to read more often.  I just finished Nicholas Sparks' new book, The Best of Me and I am currently reading The Hunger Games. The book is a little different than what I am used to reading, but I am hoping to get out of my comfort zone and read new and interesting books.

#3: Apply to PA school!  I have been putting it off for far too long.  Going along with number one, I have been very anxious and nervous to apply and I just need to feel bold and go for it!!!!

#4:  Eat more fruits and veggies and drink more water.  My exercising has been great and I have been staying motivated... I am even training for the Eau Claire Half Marathon!  The only thing that has been getting in the way of my weight loss goals is my diet.  I am not doing horrible, but could be doing so much better.  And these two things can help drastically!

#5: Blog more often!  While I am still new to this, I am hoping to get much better at it!  It's fun to share what is going on in my life and hear back from everyone!

So... what do you have planned for 2012?  What are your resolutions?  Can't wait to hear about them! :)

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