Monday, November 21, 2011

My recent obsession...

One of my biggest fears about starting a blog was not having anything to write about.  I have thought often about my blog and what my next post would be, and of course, nothing ever seemed interesting enough... even for me.  But tonight, after realizing how many countless hours I spend each day researching and finding inspiration for my newest obsession, I decided to write about it.  As many of you know, I have never been completely satisfied with my overall health and appearance... Who really is these days?  With America being more obese than ever and living in a time where children born today won't live as long as their parents... all because of unhealthy habits.

I set a very important goal once I graduated college: get healthy.  I have always complained about my health and what better time to fix it than in my prime and when I have the time ;) Hmm... maybe I should have been an English major (ha, right.)  I'm done complaining about issues and not doing anything about them.  I'm ready to make significant changes in my life.  I'm not going to go about it by crash dieting and working out only to get sick of it within a month or two.  I am making lifestyle changes that will hopefully stick just like all of the unhealthy habits that have stuck over the first 23 years of my life!

So, my newest obsession: running.  I have always been envious of people who had the determination to run every day.  It has never seemed to be my thing.  But with time, I found myself picking the treadmill over the elliptical machines more and more.  And even on days that I have suffered with shin splints... I walk by the treadmills, angry that I need to give running a rest for a day or two.  Even more surprising, I have come to love running outside.  I have always had issues with asthma and breathing while running outside.  However, after a 2.5 run outside the other day, I wanted to go another 2.5 miles! :) A favorite running quote of mine is: "It doesn't get easier, you just get better at it."  It feels amazing to have something like running that allows me to get outside every day and compete with myself - just to see if I can run that mile faster today than yesterday or if I can run one more block than I did the day before.

Along with the running, a dear friend of mine has made me fall in love with weight training.  In the past, I always thought cardio was the most important aspect of losing weight and seeing results.  Now I know why I have never seen the results I have wanted and always given up.  After just a few weeks of weight training, I have seen and felt drastic results in my body.  I cannot wait to see the results months down the road... Because the results I want overall are definitely not going to happen overnight.

As I stated in a Facebook status not long ago, I have loved my two new obsessions with running and weight training... now if only I can obtain an obsession with eating healthy ;) Diet is definitely the hardest thing to grasp, but the most critical in overall health!

I'm loving the results I am seeing day-to-day and can't wait to continue on with these new habits!  But most of all, I can't wait to start feeling more and more comfortable in my own skin.  Because being healthy has benefits that show inside and out :)

Hope everyone has an amazing and safe Thanksgiving holiday!  While you're thinking of the many things that you're thankful for, start with yourself... Be thankful for you and the body God gave you.  Take care of it... you only get one!  Why wait to make a New Years Resolution?  "Yesterday, you said tomorrow."

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  1. I have faith in you! You can achieve anything you want in life. I have always been proud and impressed with what you have already accomplished. You are destined for greatness.