Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My First Blog

I've always considered making a blog but the questions that ran through my mind were endless and chased me away from the idea.  What would I write about?  Isn't a blog essentially my personal journal for everyone to read?  Is that something I want?  Do people really want to know what the little voice in my head is rambling on and on about day after day (because let's be honest, most days I don't even want to hear it)?  But today is the day I'm facing my questions and just going for it.  This is my first blog post.

I decided to name my blog "choosing paths".  As most of you know, I recently graduated from UW-Eau Claire with a Bachelors' of Science in Biology.  Sounds spiffy - and it is ;)  I mean, come on, it's the study of LIFE!  Life is full of endless possibilities.  It sounds like a promising field of study, right?  Not.  Unless you want to work in a lab or emphasized on teaching along with the degree, ya better plan on going back to school.  Whether it be medical school, getting a masters in biology, or simply starting all over and getting another degree... something has to happen.  So, here I am, a degree under my belt wondering where life will take me next.

I have two last big sections left on my CASPA (Central Application Service for Physician Assistants) and I am hoping to have it submitted by Friday.  As of now, I am applying to schools in North Carolina, Michigan, Tennessee, and Florida.  Terry is rooting for North Carolina... I'm rooting for whatever will get me out of cold Wisconsin for a couple of years and a piece of paper that will actually get me a job.

Now don't get me wrong, I have no regrets with my field of study.  If I could do it all over again, I'd choose the same major.  I met amazing people from classmates to professors to advisers who I hope to remain in contact for many years to come.  I also learned that bugs can be pretty cool and waders are insanely fun to wear (as long as there isn't a leak)!

So that's what I intend this blog to be about.  To keep people updated on my life, what paths I get accepted down, what paths I choose to go down, and what paths I'm desperately running away from.  Because the day after you graduate, you wake up and realize that there are way too many paths to choose from - and it's overwhelming!  Why can't we all just live off financial aid and keep learning how to survive in the world.  For those of my friends who are still in college: embrace it.  I sadly miss the stress and lack of sleep.

**When I first started my blog, it was called "Choosing Paths".  Ironically, the path I chose was my health.  I changed the theme of my blog and therefore, I changed the title to "Life After Morning Coffee".**


  1. You have a knack for writing it seems. Fantastic job on your first post.

    As the father of an ex student I couldn't be more proud of what you have accomplished thus far. And I look forward to the many things you will accomplish in the future.

    By the way, the piece of paper gives you credentials. Getting the job you want is done by going for it. Piece of paper or not. People will hire you based more on you as a person than the piece of paper.

    You are learning how to survive in this world every day. As far as everyone living off of financial aid, here's something to ponder. If we did, who would pay for it?

    Looking forward to reading more....

    Love ya

  2. Very nice Missy! And yes, I do want to know what goes on in that head of yours most days. haha. You have accomplished a lot in a short time and have always gone the extra mile. I am very happy and proud of you. I have enjoyed watching you grow and can't wait to see what your next path is. Although, I will miss you being in EC it will be a great adventure for you if you go off to a warmer college location. I will try to embrace my college days :) Good job your first post.

  3. Do we need to watch Post Grad again? haha. We really need a movie day again. I miss you a lot. I will miss you if you move but I am sure you will choose the right place to go. One of my other friends lives in NC and she loves it. She moved there right after graduating college. I am studying for my anatomy test on blood and the heart. So you can be jealous about that if you want.