Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014 and My First CrossFit Class

Happy New Year!!!  I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable night celebrating (or sleeping... I won't judge).

Terry and I didn't have any plans for New Years until New Years Eve Eve (get it?.. ha).  We were chatting with a couple of friends about how challenging it is to stay up until midnight, so we might as well just celebrate with the east coast and call it good.  But, we decided to share the evening with a few friends - Kyle, Becca, and Katelyn - and ring in the New Year together!

We went as low-key as you can get.  Frozen pizzas, wine (a bottle of champagne for midnight), and board games.  It was glorious!  Terry and I played some cribbage before people came over then we broke into "The Game of Things" with everyone.  So much fun!

At midnight, we toasted to the New Year and shared our midnight kiss with Parker and Carmelita.

It was a perfect night to stay in, stay warm, and save money.  It was well worth not battling the cold and crowds!

Since I stayed up until after midnight (I obviously didn't learn my lesson last weekend that I shouldn't stay up past 11:00pm... Maybe I should add that to my New Years Resolutions), I took an easy morning/afternoon.  I had my morning coffee and eggs then proceeded to the couch for a few hours of on-and-off napping with the pups and our new electric blanket we got for Christmas!  


I tried coming up with a million plus one excuses to not move today and skimp out on the gym, but I lost the battle.  I made plans to go to my first CrossFit class at 4:00pm today and even though the trainer who was SUPPOSED to lead the class switched with another trainer, I showed up... Terrified. 

The warm-up consisted of some tabata cleans and front squats before diving into the skill and WOD. 

The skill was 10 minutes, every minute on the minute of 1 squat clean and 1 hand squat clean at 80% of maximum weight.  

The WOD was 3 rounds of 60 seconds of work then 2 minutes of rest.  The first set was 60 seconds of 10 shoulder to overhead and then as many pull ups as you could finish in the remaining time.  We completed 3 rounds and I was able to do 40 ring rows total (someday I'll be able to do a pull up... some day!!!).

The next set was 60 seconds of power cleans into as many front squats you could do in the remaining time (again, 3 rounds).  I was only able to complete 21 squats and had to decrease my weight after the first round because I was struggling! 

All in all, I survived.  I found that it wasn't impossible to do and it's all dependent on how hard I can push myself.  I still have a lot of improvements to make on form, but after more classes and practice, it will come!

I can't wait to go again!  Tomorrow, it's back to the treadmill for an easy three mile recovery run!

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