Sunday, December 22, 2013

Finding Gym Time During Holidays

It's that time of year where excuses run wild!

"I'm too busy..."

"There's not enough time..."

"I'll start after the holidays..."

"January 1st, I'm cutting everything cold turkey..."

"I'll be eating like crap anyway, so why bother?"

I've spoken these words too many times before, but not this year!  I joined CrossFit last week and this week, I plan to finish up my CrossFit Essentials and continue on with my half marathon time regardless of the holidays!  All it takes is a plan.

A personal trainer once told me this and I haven't forgotten it since!  Here are my fitness plans for the week:

Monday:  CrossFit Essentials

Tuesday:  Run 4 miles

Wednesday:  Rest - Merry Christmas!

Thursday:  Run 4 miles + Strength Training

Friday:  Rest (Working a 12.5 hour shift!)

Saturday:  CrossFit + Lots of Foam Rolling and Stretching/Yoga

Sunday:  Run 6 miles

The week may be a little goofy and different from what I'm used to (I usually take rest days on Saturdays), but because of the holiday I had to switch things up a bit.  Notice I switched things up, not ditched things altogether.

What are your fitness plans this week!?  Write them down and stick to them!

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