Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Meet Elyce!

Meet Elyce!

This is Elyce and her cute pup, Chase, who she just adopted a few months ago!

Elyce is a co-worker of mine and has just set the date for her wedding: September 5, 2015!  I'm so excited for her!  While she still has two years until her big day, she is already in planning mode and collecting things for her homemade centerpieces and hitting the gym so she looks awesome in her wedding dress (even though she would look beautiful, no matter what she did).

Elyce and I love to walk our pups together and one day on one of our walks, she asked me for help.

Elyce stated that she needed help with grocery shopping on a budget, planning meals, knowing what's healthy and what's not, and learning what to do in the gym.

When at the gym, she usually hops from machine to machine not knowing proper form or what muscles the machines should be targeting.  When grocery shopping, she would spend over $100 on food, yet have "nothing" in the house to eat.  She came to a point where she just wouldn't grocery shop because she didn't have the money to (yet had money to go out to eat) and live on spaghetti every night because it was "cheap and easy".

I know all of these things all too well.  And unfortunately, so many people live this way.

I immediately agreed to help her because the nerd in me gets super excited over grocery lists, meal plans, and planning workouts!  I love writing out a game plan each week because it gives me something to follow, measure, and see where I can make improvements for the following week.  Again, I'm a nerd.

We took her weight, some measurements, and some pictures!
Doesn't she look great to begin with?!  She's going to make a beautiful bride.  She's only about five feet tall, so I understand and relate to her struggles with being short and the crazy idea that we should only weigh 100 pounds.  I hope to destroy these thoughts and help her feel confident on her wedding day!

Per Elyce's permission, I plan to keep everyone updated on her journey through my blog.  Check back and watch her transformation.  Let's encourage her to start her married life on a healthy foot!

Disclaimer:  I am not a certified dietician or personal trainer.  While it is a goal of mine to become a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor - some day - I am not certified right now.  All of the tips I give to friends and family are completely based on my own opinions and experiences.


  1. Whoo hoo you go girls! I'm working on these things also!! :)

  2. WOO!! Missy you are a great motivator!

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