Monday, November 25, 2013

He's Home!

I'm happy to say that my hubby is back home.  After a week long trip for work and a weekend away deer hunting, he's home!  I don't know who is more excited, me or the puppies.

Carmelita (aka, a complete Daddy's girl) was extremely excited to see her main man home.  When Terry arrived home last night and sat on the couch, she took the liberty of jumping on the remote in her excitement and changed the channel from the E! Red Carpet for the AMA's to... the football game.  No idea how she did it, but man she knows what he likes!

I was surprised on how quickly the week flew by.

I kept myself busy by picking up a bunch of hours at work.  Including 12 hour overnight shifts... Ick.

Having brunch at one of my favorite restaurants with a great friend.

Frequent trips to the gym.  No better way to get through a treadmill workout than with Bethenny!

Crying over the first snowfall.  The dogs hate snow but paw prints in the fresh snow made me smile.

And drooling over our wedding photos until 2:00AM with my bestie Jenna.

I'm glad the week flew by.  I hate it when Terry is gone and I'm not a fan of being home alone.  However, it gave me time to catch up with some friends and rack in some extra hours!  AND it looks like Terry being away ended up being well worth it...

First year hunting ever, first shot, and he brought home a deer!  Can't wait for our chest freezer to be stocked.  Congrats, babe!  (Sorry for those who don't like pictures of dead things... I'm not crazy about it either, but I was proud of him!)

I have to admit, Terry being gone was hard on me as far as healthy eating goes.  I was very shocked.  I actually bragged before he left that I was going to eat nothing but veggies and fish and all of the other healthy eats he doesn't necessarily enjoy.

But, I found that I wasn't motivated to make a full meal for just myself.  When Terry is home, I make dinner every night.  I make enough for us both to eat and for both of us to pack a lunch for the following day.  I obviously didn't need that much food for just myself, so I found myself stopping out for food way more often than I'm used to.  It was ridiculous.

Luckily, with all of my extra time, I did get to the gym more often so I hope it sort of balanced out?  Ugh.  Probably not.

So... point being: kudos to those of you who live alone and have to manage healthy eating for one.  Seeing life from that perspective made me understand how some people struggle (and how I used to struggle) with healthy eating.  It's easy to grab the quick route when it's just you and no one is watching or judging you.  I get it.  It's hard.

When it comes down to it, YOU are the only person who can control what YOU eat or do.  No one else.  Don't let others deter you from your goals AND don't depend on others (like I may depend on Terry) to reach your goals, either.  You control your goals.  You can reach them on your own.

What are your goals this week?  Do you depend on someone else for your goals?  Do you let others deter you from your goals?

Do anything fun this weekend?

Do you hunt?

Have a good day! :)

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  1. My goals are the same as always! Exercise, eat as right as I can this week and try to find time to enjoy family and friends! Just not always easy to do.
    I depend on you! :) I easily let others deter me but I also let others motivate me. Have a great new co worker who is passionate about taking time and getting outdoors every day we can so that is nice!
    No to hunting and i have to say that I hate facebook this time of year- hate seeing all the poor dead faces!
    By the way- breakfast with you- a great friend- was not only nice but just what i needed! TY!