Monday, August 26, 2013

Traditional Housewarming Gift

It's a HOT one out there.  Woofta!  Don't ask why I decided to run two miles outside then go to a Zumba class to sweat even more.  I think I lost five pounds just from sweating today!

This last weekend was full of fun... and work.  I was scheduled to work Saturday and Sunday 6-2:30 but still managed to squeeze in some fun.

I rushed home on Saturday after work to shower and head off to our friend's, Jon and Kelsey, engagement/housewarming party.  It also happened to be Kelsey's birthday!  Also, they just became puppy parents to a cutie pie pup named "Leinie".  New house, new ring, new dog, and a birthday... How exciting!

We met Jon through dart league and therefore met his super nice girlfriend (now fiancee!), Kelsey.  We've been playing darts with Jon for a few years now and have become pretty good friends with the both of them.  We knew we wanted to do something sweet for them, because they are such a sweet couple.

When we had our housewarming/engagement party last December, one of my favorite gifts was from my friend from college, Anna.  She gave us a "traditional housewarming gift" in the form of a basket filled with goodies and a card that explained the meaning behind each item.  It was the most crafty and thoughtful gift we received, so I wanted to duplicate it!

In the basket went: dinner place mats, a monogram "S" (for the last name they will share in marriage), bottle of wine, loaf of bread, candle, salt, olive oil, honey, and a coin.

Each item had a special meaning behind it, which I typed up on a piece of paper.

Bread - So that this house may never know hunger
Candle - So you will always have light through the darkest times
Honey - So you may always enjoy the sweetness of life
Olive Oil - So you will be blessed with health and well-being
Salt - So there will always be flavor and spice in your life
Wine - So you will always have joy and never go thirsty
Coin - So you may dwell in luck and good fortune

I hope they enjoyed the gift as much as we did!  We wish them many years of happiness in their new home as they begin forming their own little family.  Congrats, Jon and Kelsey!

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