Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Productivity Day!

Two days off = LOTS of wedding planning!

In the past two days, with the help of my soon-to-be mother-in-law, we have worked 11+ hours on invitations.

The dogs worked super hard as well...

Lazy bums!  The least they could do is lick some envelopes for us ;)

I also accomplished something that has been giving me a lot of stress.  I finally decided on and ordered a flower girl dress for Chloe.  I find it so odd that I found my wedding dress in the first day that I went looking, yet took several months to find a dress that was good enough for my flower girl.  Sure enough, I decide to sit down at my computer and continue my search, and within five minutes, I find this gem:

Sorry for the horrible quality photo (taking a picture of your computer screen with an iPhone does not make for a great photo).  It has lace up top, a little poof on the bottom (very important!), a champagne sash (the bridesmaid's dresses are champagne), and an ivory flower.  Perfect.  Done.

I should know that she's going to look fabulous in anything she puts on.  Luckily, we already have a couple options for shoes so now we just need to worry about a possible headband and jewelry!

I also ordered the ring bearer's tux!  Yay for productivity!

I had a few things to mail out and since I didn't have much time for a decent workout today, I rode my bike downtown to the post office so I could get some movement into my day.  I'm looking forward to a tough workout tomorrow night after work with the man.

I'm glad I had these two days off in a row to make a dent in some wedding planning.  With only three months to go, I'm starting to feel a little panicked.  With some extra work done, I'm definitely looking forward to the 4th of July weekend camping up north with family!  And the pups, of course.

I'm definitely looking forward to continuing to comb this guy out with the new comb.  I did it for only a few minutes the other day and got all this hair out!

No wonder my furniture and clothes have been lookin a little furry...

Anyone have any exciting 4th of July plans?  Anyone doing a 4th of July run such as the Fishy Four?

I'm still debating driving down to Chetek from up north to do the Fishy Four.  I guess I'll decide depending on how this gross toenail looks this weekend.

Looks like I might be joining the lost toenail club... Ugh.

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