Thursday, June 27, 2013

Birthdays Galore!

It's the end of June, and I think summer is finally here!

I wanted to go for a run this morning before it got too warm, but I wasn't walking out the door until 11:00!  It was a slow morning for me, but that's what days off are for.  Before I headed out, I turned on the air conditioning for the first time since owning the house and sprayed on some sun screen!

With it being my first run since the half marathon this last weekend, I wanted to take it easy and just enjoy getting outside.  I decided to take a break half way through to do some stretching at one of my favorite places in town...

I couldn't help but think of all the wonderful memories I had here growing up.  This is where I learned how to do hop docks, how to swivel ski, and more importantly where I made lifelong friendships.

Some of my closest friends today are people I spent many evenings with at Half Moon Beach.  I can't even imagine how many sunsets we skied until over the years.

Unfortunately, the Ski Sprites don't perform on Half Moon anymore.  They moved to Lake Altoona and I had the opportunity to go watch a show last night with Terry.  Whenever I watch those shows, I think of the many nights down at Half Moon.  I don't think Ski Sprites will ever be the same as it was on that beach.  If only EC would allow the Sprites back to their home!

After my run, I collapsed on the floor to do some stretching and cool down.  However, laying on the floor is an open invitation for 3 dogs to attack you with hugs and kisses, so I didn't get much stretching done.  I made myself a cold fruit smoothie and now I'm about to tackle some errands because birthdays are everywhere and I need gifts!

Happy Birthday today to some amazing people!

My workout buddy, Renee!

Amy's husband, Kyle!

And my soon to be father-in-law, Don!  :)

 Also, I can't believe this little gal turns SEVEN tomorrow! Where does the time go!?

Enjoy the HOT and beautiful day!

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