Thursday, December 27, 2012

Post Christmas Life

Well, Christmas is over.  I have yet to put anything away or take down any decorations... and I'm not in any hurry :)

I'm still in the festive mood and even went ice skating in the freezing cold last night with Mac

Even though I worked during the day on Christmas Eve, it feels weird to be back at it.  Today dragged on forever so I was excited when my MOH Jenna texted asking if I wanted to meet up at Starbucks.

While waiting for her, I found some awesome Christmas clearance

Late Christmas gift to me! Yay!

I also continued reading PBFinger's Book of the Month - I love it!

I'm so close to finishing the book and will post my thoughts on the book soon! :) (BTW.. I completely love the idea of book clubs. Awesome.)

Jenna and I chatted for about an hour then I met Terry at home and let the little guy out.  His treat today?  One of his Christmas gifts from Santa...

How ridiculous is that!?  It's pretty awesome... for an awesome dog ;)

Luckily, I worked out before work this morning so I'm able to spend tonight on the couch (we are renting Ted) and relax.  Looking forward to a day off tomorrow!

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