Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I hate Christmas shopping

I love Christmas.  It's definitely my favorite holiday, ever.  The music, decorations, gifts, food, etc, etc, etc.

However, I hate Christmas shopping.  No matter how "cool" of a gift I get someone... I'm never confident enough that they will actually like it.  Even if a person is ooohhhing and ahhhing while opening my gift, I still sit there and ask "really? it's okay? are you sure you like it?".  I find myself wandering around stores for hours contemplating what to get.

Like tonight.

I had a surprise evening to myself after playing darts fell through (but Terry still went to play) so I took the opportunity to go shopping without him and possibly find some gift ideas.  I was able to come up with a couple of ideas, and I bought them, but I still haven't found a gift that I'm super excited for him to open up on Christmas morning.

I found something for myself though! Of course ;)

GNC had some tasty samples of their Calcium soft chews.  They were tasty caramel flavored :) If this doesn't inspire me to take my calcium every day, I don't know what will!  I got them BOGO half off -- great deal!

And I thought this hat would be a great addition to my Vikings apparel...

It was super cute, but since I don't see myself going to any games in the near future, I put it back.  Maybe next season!

My last stop was at JCP where I found some fun stuff for my fashionable, adorable niece who is 6.  And for purchasing something at JCP, I was able to pick out a button for their fun little code/prize thing online.  I was scrummaging through all of the buttons, one stuck out to me right away:

So cute!

Now I'm exhausted from shopping so I'm off to read in bed until Terry gets home then it's lights out!  I surprised myself today and made it to the gym twice (before and after work) but tomorrow is going to be a late day, so if I don't get my workout done right away in the morning, it's not happening at all.

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