Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy December!

What an insane fall season!  So many wonderful things happened!

Finally closed on our house...

Celebrated Halloween...

Parker dressed up as a pumpkin :)
Finished my first half marathon!...

Painted.. A LOT.. (and we're still not done)

From THIS:

To THIS... :)

Ran the Turkey Trot for the second time -- which also celebrated one year of running, my first race was Turkey Trot 2011. Here is the before/after picture from 2011 to 2012. Bring on 2013!

Became a CNA... Which now allows me to apply for graduate school and gives me some reassurance that I can find another job if need be

And finally started decorating for one of my favorite holidays! Christmas! :) Our first REAL house so what better than our first REAL Christmas tree!

And Christmas treats :)

Whew! Picture overload :)

A friend asked me the other day what my new fitness goal is now that I have completed my ultimate fitness goal (finishing a half marathon).. and I have been thinking a lot about that.  With our wedding coming up in 2013, I definitely hope to get to my goal weight which is still 20 pounds away.  I had a blast at the half marathon so I already cannot wait to run another one which will probably be the Eau Claire Marathon in May.  I may use that half marathon as part of training for a full marathon .... maybe... ;)

Some small scale goals that I have right now is a challenge I just joined through Fitnessista. It's called "Dine-In December".  For the month of December, I am going to "dine-in" for every meal rather than be tempted to go out to dinner.  This will help me in many ways such as getting back on track with planning my meals for the week, getting back in the kitchen cooking healthy food, cutting calories and also saving some money!  We have been under a lot of stress lately with the new house so going out to eat has become a little too familiar to us once again.  So this challenge came at a perfect time!  :)

Now that we are starting to settle into our home, it's been easier to start focusing on fun stuff.. like wedding planning! :)  My bridesmaids came to town this last weekend and we managed to find the bridesmaids dresses within an HOUR! Good thing my friends have great taste and they all agreed on the same dress and ideas for accessories. It made it a piece of cake!

Hopefully it won't be this long before I post again.  Moving, running, and planning have taken over my life but things are finally starting to settle down and I can get back on track :)

Happy December Everyone! Let it snow!

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