Friday, December 14, 2012

Half Day Friday


I got to sleep in this morning before heading into work for half a shift.  I had stayed late at work almost every day this week so it was nice taking a few hours for myself this morning.

Most of the work day was pretty depressing, though.  We were all glued to the television on updated news about the CT Shooting.  What a horrible, horrible thing to happen to such innocent people.  I felt so much sadness for the families affected.  I pray that the surviving children receive the help needed for coping with the loss of teachers, friends, and being a part of such a terrifying situation :( My heart aches for everyone involved...

After work, I went straight to the gym.  I knew I needed a good workout before a family Christmas this weekend!  I completed 20 minutes of running intervals on the treadmill followed by 10 minutes on the bike.  I then completed some leg extensions, leg curls, and leg presses before heading home.

Renee met me at my house, we leashed Parker up, and headed out for a hike in the snow before sunset!

The snow along the river looked gorgeous.

Once we got to the trail, Parker was let off his leash and he enjoyed making a thousand pit stops to smell everything possible yet kept up with us the entire way.  He did awesome!

On our way out of the trail, it was getting pretty dark out but we were able to see the last of the sunset and the moon out!

Luckily, I remembered to use MapMyRun this time to see how long my little trail is there and back.  Renee checked when we got to the turnaround point and we were at 3/4 of a mile.  So a 1.5 mile trip!  Not bad for a quick little hike through the woods.  However, both Renee and I forgot to turn off our apps and noticed a couple hours later!  I noticed mine 7 miles later (I had driven to meet my parents for dinner) and Renee noticed 18 miles later!  Woofta.. We'll be sore tomorrow from all of those miles.

Off to relax on the couch, catch up on shows on the DVR, and crochet for the evening!  Family Christmas tomorrow!

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