Monday, July 23, 2012

Back at it...

Happy Monday!

This weekend was a blast!  Terry and I headed to Wisconsin Rapids for the Wisconsin State Water-Ski Tournament :)  Hardest part... saying good bye to this little guy for the weekend:
While I'm sure he had a fun-filled, spoiled weekend at Terry's parents house.. I sure missed him a lot!  I was bummed to see that our hotel was dog-friendly once we got there, but with how little we were in our hotel room this weekend, I'm glad he was able to stay home where he could get more attention.

We got into town just in time to see the last show of the day on Friday, said hi to people at the campground, then went to check into our hotel room.  We then went to Applebees with Kara and her boyfriend, Spencer for dinner.  We shared the spinach and artichoke dip for an appetizer, I got steak and snow peas for dinner, and I also enjoyed a white peach sangria drink :) Diet = disaster!  This is about how the whole weekend went.. From corn dogs, french fries, cheese curds, cheeseburgers, kettle corn, etc at the ski site to eating Applebees and Perkins at night... Definitely made for horrible eating choices.  And to top it off, I found Birthday Cake Oreos at the Wal-Mart in Wisconsin Rapids so devoured those as well!  It was pretty weird eating super unhealthy, yet receiving many amazing compliments on my weight loss from friends I haven't seen in awhile! :) Those compliments got me to Monday and now I'm ready to hit the gym right after work!

I tried so hard to wake up this morning for a run... I really did.  But cuddling in bed with Parker for an extra hour seemed like a much better idea at the time.  I also blame it on being a Monday after such a long, exciting weekend.  I'm heading to the gym after work to make myself sweat hardcore for missing my run this morning and will try again tomorrow morning :)

Cheers to Monday and healthy eating and lots of sweating to burn off all those greasy calories!

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