Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My New FitBit!

Terry came home with a little "just because" gift today...

Eeeeeeee!  I am so excited!  I have heard so many great things about this product and I can't wait to try it out.  If you're not familiar with the FitBit, it's a band you wear around your wrist that is able to record your steps taken/distance traveled, calories burned, amount of "active" minutes, and hours of sleep along with your quality of sleep.

I am very interested to see how my quality of sleep is and how many hours of sleep I actually need rather than how many I think I need.

It shows you how often you "rustle" in your sleep and you are able to track how many times a night you wake up.

I downloaded the app onto my iPhone and I am able to track my progress throughout the day.  I can set goals to reach a certain amount of steps per day or shoot for amount of calories burned!

I can't wait to tie these goals in with my Paleo Challenge!  I contacted my good friend, Angel, a few days ago and told her that I was starting the Paleo challenge.  We got together today for lunch and Angel made a delicious Paleo friendly lunch of burgers topped with egg, onion, tomato, and wrapped with romaine lettuce.  It was extremely delicious!  I think any food that someone else prepares for you is automatically more delicious than if you were to make it yourself.

Angel has lost 30 pounds within the last year with JUST the Paleo diet.  She hasn't changed her activity level or anything else.  Proof that losing weight is 90% diet!  She is hoping to lose another 20 pounds by March and I know she can do it!

Angel second from left.

We sat around after lunch and snacked on dried fruit, date rolls, and tea while chatting about Paleo and catching up.

She let me borrow her cookbook with 500 Paleo Recipes and I already have a few recipes written down that I can't wait to try.

So, that was my Tuesday.  I go back to work on Thursday and I'm pretty excited to get back into the groove of things.  While the time at home has been nice -- and warm -- it will feel good to get back on a somewhat regular schedule.  I will be doing a lot of food prepping tonight and tomorrow since I work Thursday-Monday!

Do you own a FitBit?  Love it?

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