Thursday, December 12, 2013

Week of Evenings... Or not.

Tomorrow is already Friday!  For most of you, it's the end of the work week.  For me, I have three more days of work left until it's my "weekend"!

I have been EXTREMELY lucky this week and was asked to switch to day shifts today through Sunday, instead of evening shifts.  I was so excited to get the offer since evenings shifts (2:00-10:30PM) just don't work well with me.  Whenever I'm on evenings, my eating/snacking is out of control, my sleep schedule is off since I normally go to bed around 9:00PM, and although I've tried countless times to be a morning workout person... I'm just not one.  Somehow that alarm clock gets shut off when it's for a workout.

I like to workout in the afternoons, right after work!  So when I'm scheduled evenings, it's very rare that I get the motivation to get all sweaty before going into work.  I'm sure my patients appreciate it, at least.

Also, Terry works days.  So being on an opposite schedule than him is a big thumbs down in my world.

Long story short = I'm a cry baby who wants to make her own schedule that includes snuggling with puppies, going to the gym, and reading blogs.  That'll pay the bills, right?  ;)

This week I started training for my next half marathon.

While my next race is still a long 20 weeks away, I'm really hoping to set a personal best.  Since I have absolutely no idea how to do that, I contacted a certified running coach in the area and he made me a training plan that includes easy runs, tempo runs, and recovery weeks <----my faaaaaavorite.

I ran an easy three miles Tuesday and today.  Tuesday I ran it in about 33:15 and today I ran it in 32:30.

My "long run" this weekend will be four miles at an easy pace, for a weekly total of 10 miles.  I'm definitely excited to get my weekly milage up again!

I did some upper body strength training yesterday that I am feeling the aftermath of today.  It feels so good to be back in the weight room a few times a week!  I worked on some (assisted) pull ups, dips, chest press, bicep curls, and rows.

What time of the day do you enjoy working out?

Are you training for any races?

And just to end on a cute note...

Amazing <3


  1. I agree that morning work outs are hard. If I didn't have a roommate to come knock on my door if I over slept there is no way I could do it. I am super pumped to finish insanity and then do a running hybrid work out of some sorts right away. Good luck training :)

    1. You should be very thankful for that roommate! I wish I had someone knocking on my door every morning... I'm sure I'd still find some way to ignore it. I'm the most ridiculous person to wake up. Good luck finishing Insanity, you can do it!