Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Our Wedding Photographer

One month ago today, we said "I do" and become husband and wife!  I feel so blessed to call Terry my husband and I love the way he looks with a wedding ring on his finger.  I've gone through all of the name changing and am now officially Mrs. Heard :)

I can't believe it's already been a month since our special day.

I'm still anxiously waiting for wedding photos but we've gotten a sneak peak at a few.  I am in love with the few photos I have seen, so I squeal with excitement when I think about seeing the rest!

Sarah, from Designs in Bloom (click and like her on Facebook!), is an independent photographer.  We know her in an odd way... She is our flower girl's (my niece, Chloe) step-dad's sister-in-law?!  Crazy.

So, she's Chloe's aunt.  Sarah and I share an awesome role!  While Chloe has a lot of spunk, it was nice that Chloe knew Sarah well and didn't feel shy about taking any photos.  She looks amazing!

I cannot speak enough kind words about Sarah.  She did an AWESOME job.  Everyone in my wedding party loved her and the photos didn't feel staged or forced; we had a great time.

I hardly noticed her throughout the ceremony or the reception (of course I was busy with a thousand other things, but still) and she managed to get some special moments.

We went through her for our engagement photos and I also hired her to do a boudoir photo shoot for part of Terry's wedding gift.  I cannot wait to hire her to do family photos some day.

Thank you, Sarah!

**Sarah did not ask me to write this post (in fact, she doesn't even know I'm writing this).  These are my own opinions on her work as a photographer.  I highly recommend her to anyone in the area!**

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