Friday, October 18, 2013

Wingin' It

So, I'm running in my 4th half marathon on Sunday.  And I'm going to be wingin' it.

The Biggest Loser, one of my absolute favorite shows, is coming to Eau Claire!  There will be contestants from previous seasons there and I'm so excited for the chance to meet them.  I'm probably going to be a creep and be a little star struck.

I can't believe that in just two weeks, it will be one year since I ran my first half marathon.  Little did I know that I would be hooked and sign up for more!  While I am completely blessed that I have the ability to run, I do miss my ambition to train.  I have a feeling that come Sunday, I'm going to regret not logging in more miles.

I've been doing a lot of walking with the pups (anywhere from 1/2 a mile to 2 miles at a time, so not much).

And I believe I've completed two long runs in the last few months.  Two.  And one of them was just last weekend.  I completed 6.5 miles two weeks before the wedding and a gorgeous 7 mile run a week after the wedding.

I'm either completely insane for signing up for a half marathon just two weeks after my wedding (who has time to train for a race when you have wedding planning to do?!) or if I'm just that cool and I'm going to end up rocking it.  I guess we'll find out!

Thankfully, I'm running with my good friend, Abby.  This will be her FIRST half marathon!!! Woo hoo!  We have only ran a race together once, which was the 2 Mile Buckshot last summer, so I'm excited to run with her and encourage her to finish such a big milestone in her weight loss journey (she has lost 50 pounds)!!!!

Abby on far right
I hope to find a good pace to stick with her and finish strong together.  The 7 mile run last weekend felt great, so I hope I can find it in me to carry on for 6 more miles!  Think of us on Sunday or better yet, come cheer us on!!!

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  1. Yes!!! Of-course If we have running partner we can run easily long distances.

    Kopi Luwak