Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Runday!

It's Sunday Runday!

I had 6 miles on my agenda for today.  I planned to run as soon as I woke up, but did not end up having enough time this morning.  I allowed myself to sleep in and get ready for the Metropolis Bridal Fair :)  Our wedding reception will be at the Metropolis, so Terry and I got into the fair for free!

It was a quick walk-through and then we were back home to work on house projects that we started over the weekend.  When I say we, I mean Terry got back to work and I laced up my shoes, grabbed Molly, and went for my run!

This run was rough.  I kept having to stop or slow down to jump puddles or dodge some very slippery ice.  I am very surprised I did not fall on my butt in some places.  My shoulders are VERY sore from chopping ice all day yesterday so I felt frustrated that people did not even attempt to clear their sidewalks!

I did not look at my Garmin the entire time because I was so frustrated that I kept having to slow down so I didn't want to be even more disappointed by seeing my time or mileage.  It wasn't until I came to the bottom of a very steep hill that I decided to slow down again and take a look at my watch.  It was at exactly one hour and I had only half a mile to go until home!  I had run almost 6 miles in an hour, despite all of my slowing down!  I have never ran my long runs that fast so I booked it home and finished 6 miles in 1:05.  For me, that is super fast :) I was pleased!

Throughout my run, I felt pretty sluggish.  I reflected on my past week and was not surprised why I felt so sluggish.  With it being Terry's birthday week, we went out to dinner THREE nights in a row!  On his birthday (Wednesday), we went with friends to our favorite restaurant: Cancun.  Terry got to wear a sombrero and some whipped cream...

Hee hee.

We went out that night since Terry had darts anyway so had a few drinks while out with friends.  Since it was my man's birthday.. I decided to take some time to actually look decent (I'm a low maintenance girl)

On Thursday night, we went out to dinner with Terry's parents to Texas Roadhouse.  Yummm!

Since my mom did not get back from California until late Thursday evening, we went out to dinner with her and my dad on Friday night to Fuji!  We got to catch flying broccoli in our mouths and take shots of Saki at a hibachi table!  Filet Mignon and shrimp with edamame??? Yes, please!

The birthday boy!

So fun :)

We got a lot of celebrating in and had some good times, but I am definitely looking forward to eating at home every day before I weigh in for the Chippewa Valley JAM Challenge at the end of the week!  All of the restaurant food and drinks put a damper on how my body felt during the run.  I may have had a great time, but I did not feel great doing it!  I'd like to have the best of both worlds ;) But I understand that not every run is perfect.

Now I'm off to have a relaxing Sunday evening with Terry and the little man...

He melts my heart :)

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