Saturday, February 23, 2013

Me Talk Pretty One Day

I have found a new love: audiobooks.  Instead of listening to the same song being played every five minutes on the radio, why not pop a book in and look crazy driving in your car alone... laughing your butt off!  Audiobooks are amazing, especially when read by the author who wrote the book.  You get to hear the exact tone the author is trying to portray and there are times I probably wouldn't have laughed nearly as hard had I been reading rather than listening.

The audiobook that I just finished listening to is Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris.  I have been wanting to read all of Sedaris' books for years now since my best friend is in love with this author. 

The thing I love about Sedaris' books is that each chapter is its own story.  While many of the stories link together through getting to know the author, his partner, his family and friends, each story is unique.  The actual book is separated into two sections: the first being his life before moving to France (from childhood to working in NYC) and the second being about his move to France and his struggles to fit in with the culture and language.

The book title, Me Talk Pretty One Day, is based on a chapter in the book where he is trying to learn French while living in Paris with his partner, Hugh.  I loved his frustration with nouns needing a "gender".  I had the same frustrations when learning German in high school and college.  What makes a belt feminine or a sandwich masculine?!  The title may also stem from his stories of the speech therapy teachers made him go through in 5th grade because of his lisping problem. 

I have to warn that some of the humor in this book is very crude.  Sedaris speaks right from his mind and states what many people may be thinking, but would never say out loud.  It's hilarious.  I highly recommend checking it out ;)

I definitely have not missed the radio (yet). I have realized that I'm not rushed as much as I was before, driving from place to place.  I value my time in the car now all because I get to listen to something I've never heard before and just like any good book, I'm anxious to see what comes next! It's a breath of fresh air not to get angry if a red light slows me down - give it a try!

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